My Student’s Opinions on Tumblr

I’ve already written a post on my preliminary feelings about tumblr. Today, I surveyed my students to see how they felt about it. 16 of my 19 students completed the survey. The results were not all that surprising.

The strongest sentiment overall was that requiring two posts a week was too much. 11 of the 16 surveys expressed a desire for fewer posts. The other 5 said that 2 a week was fine. The majority of respondents felt that one a week was a good pace. A few said that the posts should be longer, to make up for posting less frequently, and a few said that more of the other assignments in the class should be posted on tumblr.

I asked whether they felt tumblr was helpful to their learning or if it helped them to do their other assignments. 7 said that it was not helpful; 5 said it was helpful. 4 did not have a response to that question. 2 of those who felt it was not helpful still thought it was a cool idea. And 1 of them thought that Facebook would have been better than tumblr. Only 2 people of the 16 respondents were absolutely opposed to using tumblr.

The other question I asked was whether they would like to see more or less specific prompts. The plurality (5/16) wanted more specificity, 4/16 were fine with the level of specificity that we had, and 2/16 wanted less specificity. That’s not a whole lot of statistical variation, but it leans slightly towards wanting more specificity.

This survey is very informal, not very statistically significant, and probably somewhat biased due to the way I worded the questions… but with those caveats in mind, it’s helpful to see that my students feel, very generally, the same way I do: next year’s students would benefit from less frequent, but more significant and more specific, posts.


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