In the beginning

I have a number of reasons for starting this blog, but I’ll just list a few here. In addition to hosting my CV and teaching philosophy here, I will use this site as a blog to talk about

  • literature that I’m reading,
  • theoretical texts that I’m reading,
  • research projects that I’m working on,
  • teaching practices,
  • and anything else I want to talk about.

Much of my writing will be for my own sake, to help me to organize my thoughts and recall information about texts that I’m reading. However, I wanted to make this work public, partly as a way of forcing myself to make at least a little bit of sense and keep my research relevant to other people, and partly out of a theoretical and pedagogical commitment to making the process of research writing more transparent.

One of my current projects is refining my use of student blogs in first-year writing. This blog is part of that project, since I can’t very well tell my students that blogging is a valuable learning tool if I’m not doing it myself. My hope is that by the start of the next school year (in 7 months or so), I will be able to show this blog to my students and speak from experience when I tell them to start their own blogs.

And lastly, this blog may turn into an outlet for me to engage with other scholars with whom I share similar interests. Another pedagogical concern of mine is that my students feel that their writing is part of a conversation. If this blog provides a space for conversation, it could further help to exemplify the value of blogs. And of course it would be personally and professionally valuable for me as well.

It’s no Bob Loblaw Law Blog, but it should still be pretty good.



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